ASUS G1/G2/G50/G70/G71 OLED Daemon

This Java daemon displays system monitoring information on the small (256x32) OLED display found on ASUS G50/G70/G71 (USB ID: 0b05:175b).
It also works for ASUS G1/G2 (128x32 / USB ID: 0b05:1726).

Here is how it looks like in action:

ASUS G1/G2/G50/G70/G71 OLED displaying system monitoring information Display on OLED what's playing in Amarok or Kaffeine Runs also on ASUS G1 Display is showing:
  • Load on the machine
  • CPU usage (User / System / IOWait / Idle)
  • Total traffic IN / OUT on all interfaces
  • Battery level
  • Current time and date
  • Current operating frequencies for each core
  • HDD temperature (from smartctl)
  • CPU temperature
  • Message notifications from Kopete and Thunderbird
  • What's playing in Amarok or Kaffeine
  • Snapshot from ASUS G1

You can re-arrange the layout as you like by changing the positions, enabling/disabling each module or write your own modules that can do any fancy monitoring you like. More information can be found in the README and CHANGELOG files included in the archive below.



Quick system preparation guide (Ubuntu-based, pre-2.6.29, but you get the point; more info in the README):

Costin Grigoras